What’s the Point of Yellow Lenses?

Yellow Blue Blocker Glasses
Yellow Blue Blocker Glasses

Whenever we think about driving and sunglasses we usually are talking about a stylish pair of sunglasses for those bright sunny days, but have you ever considered the benefits of yellow lenses for those days that are foggy or hazy and maybe not the best for favorite pair of shades. Using yellow lenses in low light conditions enhance contrast and make things appear brighter. In overcast or hazy conditions, the additional water vapor in the air increases the scattering of blue light. This decreases your eyes acuity and your depth perception as well and yellow lenses can help with that.
Yellow and amber lenses block blue light, this also makes them great for using when gaming or sitting in front of your computer. TV screens and computers give off a lot of blue light, and if you know anything about long exposure to blue light, it’s not great for your eyes! There’s never been a time in history that we’ve had a greater concern about our exposure to blue light because of the amount of time we spend in front of our computers, tablets, phones and televisions.

About Blue Light
Our eyes are very sensitive to a narrow band of frequencies that is usually referred to a the “visable light spectrum” and this visable light consists of varying wavelengths. Blue light has a very short wavelength and provides basic illumination to the world around us, but large amounts of blue light can be harmful to the eyes. Studies have show that long exposure to blue light can play a part in age related macular degeneration and the reduction in our bodies production of Melatonin. One way you can protect yourself is using yellow or amber lenses that block this blue light. Blocking blue light can even help you sleep at night!
One more thing, many people swear by yellow lens glasses for night driving as well, although there can be a variety of opinions on whether yellow lenses are a benefit when driving at night. For me, I’ve always felt the benefits outweighed any drawbacks when it comes to reducing glare from oncoming headlights, especially these newer vehicles with their modern LED headlights that just about burn the retinas out of your head! Usually the argument is that driving at night is difficult as it is and any tint at all just makes matters worse. Many don’t agree and swear by a high quality pair of yellow lenses for increase contrast when driving at night. It’s the reason fog lamps on vehicles are typically yellow, they increase contrast and reduce glare.

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