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Big Features, Small Price

A very popular style for the last couple of years has been narrow style Sport Sunglasses. This style seems to be a fusion of a couple of different styles, particularly the categories of Sport and Driving style, regardless, everyone seems to love this style.

My feature product today are the Men’s Acetate Polarized Sport Sunglasses. These sunglasses are a hidden diamond for those trying to balance quality and price. These are one pair of sunglasses that sometimes get overlook because you would never expect to get so many big features for such a great price!

Product Features

Acetate Frames
Cellulose acetate is a plant based material and is therefore hypoallergenic. It’s made by cutting multiple sheets of the material, then forming and polishing them to get the finish product. Compared to standard plastic sunglass frames, cellulose acetate is much more durable. They’re stronger and can be bent further before breaking. Acetate is also a very lightweight material so you’ll really appreciate that when wearing them all day.

TAC Lenses
Keeping the quality going, these sunglasses use TAC (Tri Acetate Cellulose) for their construction. TAC, or Triacetate Cellulose for short, are put together using 7 layers to make up the final lens. The first layer of the lens is a Polarizing layer that absorbs glare. Glare can be caused by light reflecting off other vehicles or snow. The second and the third layers are made of a material that resists use in harsh environments. The fourth and fifth layers of these lenses are made up of a material that absorb 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays. The last two layers are made of a shock proof type material that resists impacts and resistance to scratching.

These lenses are lightweight and make the perfect material for use in sunglasses. For those suffering from Photophobia, or what more commonly is known as light sensitivity, TAC lenses are just what you want in your sunglasses!

Polarized Lenses
Everyone loves polarized lenses, they reduce glare, it’s one of the reason anyone sports fisherman always use them. Polarized lenses increase visual clarity and reduce nearly all glare.

Complete with Case and Cleaning Cloth
There’s no point if having a great pair of sunglasses if you can protect them. The Men’s Acetate Polarized Sport Sunglasses come with a hard zipper case and microfibre cleaning cloth so your always ready to look your best!

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