Electrify Your Style With These Big Feature Sunglasses!

Electrify Your Style With These Big Feature Sunglasses!

Let’s face it, there’s always the expectation that great quality sunglasses are going to cost big bucks, well I’m about to show you that isn’t always the case! Give me a few minutes of your time as we take a look at the Kdeam Skateboard Series shades. You’ll soon see, you too can electrify your style with these big feature sunglasses!

The Skateboard Series from Kdeam start with Italian designing, you can see it as soon as you look at them. They fit into a unique blended category, while they’re Sporty, they also have a hint of more dressy Cateye styling in there as well. They’re the type of design that you feel comfortable wearing just about anywhere, whether on the beach or in a more formal setting. The minute you hold them in your hands it because obvious that these sunglasses are a quality product. I loved the design from the minute I saw them and they’re the kind of design that you’re rarely going to see at your local drugstore, I like that!

Electrify Your Style With These Big Feature Sunglasses!

Built using TR90 material for the frames

The Kdeam Skateboard Series sunglasses are built using TR90 material for the frames. If you don’t know what that is, you should, because TR90 is the kind of material normally found in sunglasses costing hundreds more. As you pick them up, you’ll notice just how lightweight they are, that’s one of the primary characteristics of TR90 frames. TR90 is a Thermoplastic material that is known in the eyewear industry as one that, is not only very tough and durable, but super lightweight and flexible at the same time. Its flexibility makes them incredibly comfortable to wear, you’ll feel it as soon as you try them on. Even the largest style of sunglasses doesn’t feel bulky or heavy when built using TR90 frames. The fact they are so flexible means they are remarkably resistant to damage and less likely to break. If you’re the type of person that is always dropping your sunglasses than TR90 frames are for you!

Kdeam Skateboard Series Sunglass Lenses

TAC is an amazing material for creating sunglasses lenses

The TR90 frames are enough to make these sunglasses special alone, but the big features of this product continue with TAC lenses as well. I know, another one of those words that typically mean nothing to most people. Triacetate Cellulose, or TAC for short, is an amazing material for creating sunglasses lenses. They are put together using a 7 layer process to make up the final lens, and they do this while keeping the lenses incredibly thin and lightweight.

This is how it works, the first layer of the lens is a Polarizing layer that absorbs glare. Glare can be caused by light reflecting off other vehicles or snow, just drive your vehicle into the sun and you don’t need anyone explaining to you what glare is! The second and third layers are made of a material that resists use in harsh environments. The fourth and fifth layers of these lenses are made up of a material that absorbs 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays. The last two layers are made of a shockproof type material that resists impacts and resistance to scratching. Sounds like a lens that would end up being pretty thick right, but not at all, TAC lenses are well known in the industry for just how thin they are.

Invisible Spring-loaded hinges

“They don’t look like typical “hinges” at all”

You’ll feel the quality of the spring-loaded hinges every time you open or fold the Kdeam Skateboard Series sunglasses. What’s really cool, is they don’t look like typical “hinges” at all. Well engineered spring metal molds right into the frame of the sunglasses themselves giving a look like the sunglasses have no hinges at all. Keeping the sunglasses firmly, but not too firm, against your head will keep these sunglasses in place for all-day wearing.

Anti-Reflective Coating Benefits

Anti-Reflective Coating

Anti-Reflective Coating
Lenses treated with an Anti-Reflective coating are those having a type of anti-glare coating which allows people to see your eyes instead of the glare on your lenses. Also known as an AR coating, it virtually eliminates reflections from the front and back surfaces of your glasses. Reducing, or eliminating, glare on your lenses and allows more light to pass through and make clear lenses look nearly invisible. AR coatings have been proven to reduce eye strain because more light is passing through the lens, this means your vision will be clearer and sharper, resulting in less need to strain to focus.

UV400 Protection
Like all the sunglasses sold by SeaDog Jack, the Skateboard Series are full UV400 protected against harmful UV rays. The sun emits radiation, and lots of it, so your eyes need protection. Check out the following blog post I previously wrote on UV400 protection in sunglasses for more information.

If you are looking for an amazing pair of sunglasses at and even more amazing price, the Kdeam Skateboard Series is worth a look. Electrify Your Style today!

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