Choosing The Right Sunglasses

Understanding Sunglass Styles and Face Shape

OK, so you’re shopping around for a pair of sunglasses and you see a style you like. They’ve got the right color, they’re UV400 protected, but inevitably you come to that all important question, “How are they going to look on my face?”, and that’s what we’re going to explore right now!

To find a pair of sunglasses that are going to make you look awesome, we need to understand a bit about face size. In this post, we’re going to break down face size into five categories as follows, ROUND, OVAL, SQUARE, HEART SHAPE and TRIANGULAR, so if you’re ready to go, let’s dive it!

The Round Face

When the length and the width of your face are nearly identical, you have a “Round” face. You chin is typically small and rounded and devoid of any sharp angles. Your hairline is rounded as well, so what your aiming for are sunglass styles that are going to visually lengthen your face. Dark frames are a good choice, they give your face a narrower look. Choose sunglasses where the width of the frames are greater than the height. Avoid round shaped frames or sunglasses with narrow frames or sharply defined edges. Also avoid sunglasses that cover your eyebrows.

A few good styles are: Aviators, Narrow Bridge Sunglasses and Cateye style.

Stay away from: Narrow Frames, Glasses that cover the Eyebrows or Sunglasses with Sharply Defined Edges.

The Oval Face

If your face is slightly longer than it is wide you have an “Oval” face. People having this face style usually have a rounded chin and cheek bones that form the widest part of their face. These are harmonized proportions for a face style and your objective here is to choose sunglasses that don’t disturb that. Choose sunglasses are are the same width, or slightly wider, than your face. Choose sunglasses that keep the top of the frame in line with your eyebrows.

A few good styles are: Aviators, Rectangular or Oval

Stay away from: Oversize Sunglasses, Sharply Defined Edges and don’t use Narrow Frames

The Square Face

If your face has a width and length that are nearly identical, if your chin is broad and angular and if your cheek bones, jaw and forehead are all around the same width, you have a “Square” face. In this case your objective is to soften the sharp angles of your face and visually balance out the over all proportions of your face style. For you, large sunglasses are a good choice and make sure the width of the frame is equal to the width of your face.

A few good styles are: Aviators, Colorful Frames, Oval Shaped or Rimless Sunglasses

Stay away from: Petite or Narrow Frames, Frames wider than your face, Square Frames or with Sharp Corners.

The Heart Shaped Face

If your chin is the narrowest part of your face, and your forehead is the widest, you have a “Heart” shaped face. Your objective is to balance out the upper part of your face by making the lower part appear bulkier. Large oversize sunglasses are not a good choice for you as they’ll just add more weight to the upper part of your face. The best frames for you are those that are no wider than your face.

A few good styles are: Aviators, Frameless Sunglasses, Wayfarer styles and those with frames that are neutral colored are good

Stay away from: Cateye, Large Frames or Bright Colors

The Triangular Face

If your face is slightly longer that it is wide, if your chin is wide and square and if your cheek bones and forehead are narrow, you have a “Triangular” style face. Your objective here is to broaden the upper part of your face for the best look. Large wide frame sunglasses work for the Triangular face.

A few good styles are: Aviators, Frameless or Round Sunglasses and keep the sunglasses wide.

Stay away from: Square or Rectangular Sunglasses, Narrow or Small Frames and don’t use sunglasses with Sharp Outlines.

Protect Your Eyes

Only choose sunglasses that are protected against harmful UV rays. Be sure to check the specs on the sunglasses you buy to insure that have at least a UV400 rating. If the sunglasses you’re buying don’t give you any information about UV protection, don’t buy them.

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