Better Than Ever!

Better Than Ever!

A new website and better than ever. SeaDog Jack has been selling quality sunglasses throughout Nova Scotia, Canada for the last couple of years, many being sold through the Facebook Marketplace. However, because of the powerful technology of the Internet, I often get inquiries outside the area from people interested in products we sell, but we weren’t really set up quite the way we should to facilitate that…sometimes it means moving to a whole new platform and that’s just what I’ve done. I run SeaDog Jack on my own which includes, not only every aspect of the business of choosing the proper products to sell, but I also look after the website too and this is where I’m asking for your patience.

New product and information is being added to the website nearly everyday and we’re getting there just as quickly as we can. If you need to reach out to me with a question or concern, feel free to contact me from our Contact Us page.

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