Are They Authentic Sunglasses?

Many of you know SeaDog Jack from selling quality sunglasses on the Facebook Market, it’s been great fun! Every now and then I’ll get people asking me questions like:

Although you’ll never see false branding, or fake logos, on any sunglasses from SeaDog Jack, some people jump to the conclusion that, because they’re a pair of Aviators, they must be Ray-Ban, Oakley or some other big name brand that they see for sale.

You need to understand there are two primary reasons people purchase what they do, it’s either about the sunglasses or it’s the name on the sunglasses. I say this because the price difference you’ll typically find between the two is vast. When you purchase a pair of sunglasses for $200 as opposed to $40, it doesn’t mean you’re getting $160 more in quality, you’re paying for the name. The average pair of brand name sunglasses cost very little little to build, the majority of what you pay is for the name on the sunglasses. If you’re the type that is willing pay that premium price to have the name, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, we do it all the time when purchasing a new pair of jeans for example. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a quality sunglasses, at an affordable price, that’s where SeaDog Jack fits into the market. It’s interesting, I have lots of customers that also own or have owned the big brand names. Sometimes I’ll hear stories of the person who lost, or broke, their $200 pair of sunglasses and now they’re just looking for a quality pair of shades that they can enjoy and not being afraid to wear them.

There’s one other thing that should be brought up here and that’s the ads you’ll sometimes see on the Facebook Market advertising new authentic Ray-Ban or Oakley sunglasses for crazy low prices. Like the old adage says, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!”. Names like Ray-Ban and Oakley typically sell through authorized dealers for their products like the Sunglass Hut and others. Most of this other stuff you’re seeing are “knock-offs”. If you know you’re buying a knock-off pair of sunglasses, that’s one thing, but many times they’re sold as the real thing. It’s not that what they’re selling is a poor quality pair of sunglasses, but it’s the fact that besides stealing the name, you’ll see prices slapped on the products in excess of $100, it’s simply deceptive and don’t fall for it!

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