Amazing Year To Be Selling Sunglasses!

Amazing Year To Be Selling Sunglasses!

What an amazing year to be selling sunglasses!

OK, here’s some thoughts to bring you up to speed on what I’ve been doing around here at SeaDog Jack! Stop and think about it, we all want great sunglasses without having to second mortgage the house right? I mean is that even possible, well at SeaDog Jack it sure is! Everyone wants quality when it comes to buying their next pair of shades, but we don’t want to have to choose between a quality pair of eyewear and making the next car payment. 

I remember wondering if that was even possible just a few years ago, I mean back when I first started out. There seemed to only be two choices for people at the time. When it came to quality sunglasses, the choice seemed to be, either go real cheap, or pay hundreds of dollars for the quality you were looking for. You could go to the corner store and get yourself a pair of sunglasses that would fall apart in a couple of days or you could pay for a brand name, that you just knew was costing you more for the logo on the lens than it was for the sunglasses themselves. Well, the good news is I discovered it was possible, and no, it wasn’t easy.

Building SeaDog Jack over the last few years was through a lot of trial and error. Things like finding good products and vendors to deal with could be challenging at times, but in the end, I discovered there was a way you really could offer people a quality product at affordable prices! I also discovered there was a way to offer customers big features, normally associated with sunglasses costing hundreds more! Features like TR90, Acetate, and even Titanium Frames. Thinks like Polarized Lenses, and protection against harmful UV rays with a UV400 rating, it was all made available and is now listed on

I started out this blog post with the statement, “Amazing Year To Be Selling Sunglasses!”, and what a ride it’s been! This year has been a very different year with having to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. Considering the number of layoffs, and losing jobs altogether, people don’t have the disposable income to put into luxuries like sunglasses. Yet, it’s been really exciting for me to be able to offer people the kinds of features, normally only seen in sunglasses three to four times the price, at a price point that is affordable to nearly everyone! At SeaDog Jack there is no storefront, all of the sales I make are either, right here through the website, or through the Facebook Market, which has been quite successful due to the number of loyal and repeat customers that have enjoyed the quality eyewear we sell. Throughout the quarantine, we have continued to do business, even while so many storefronts were closed down, this is something I’ve been very thankful for every day!

Pretty girl wearing Aviator sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses have always been a winner!

This spring and summer have also been interesting to see what customer’s choices made popular. Aviator sunglasses have always been a winner and are always in style. Blue mirrored lenses have also been quite popular, I don’t know why or what drives the demand for features like blue mirrored lenses, but people sure do like them. On the opposite side of the coin, matte black frames with black or grey lenses are also a winner with a lot of people, and with the fantastic styles the SeaDog offers, there’s always something to choose from! It seems that there is an even split between, those that like the bold look of mirrored lenses, and those that like the minimalist look of straight black frames and lenses. 

We have also been carrying a lot of sunglasses built with TR90 frames this year.  TR90 is a fantastic material for use in sunglasses, it’s incredibly lightweight and flexible. I remember one of the first pair of Aviators that arrived with TR90 frames, I was pleasantly surprised at how lightweight they were. You sometimes hear them referred to as “ultralight’, but really, they are like feather-light, but strong at the same time. 

I plan to feature even more style options in our sunglass line up right here at SeaDog Jack through the upcoming autumn so stay tuned and keep checking the SeaDog Jack website! It’s exciting, and remember, it’s an Amazing A Year To Be Selling Sunglasses!

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